Sunday, April 29, 2007


Nature's singing me her song
And all around me there's a dance:
The sunlight on the water
The Aspen's quaking leaves,
The playful dragonflies,
My own two happy feet.
My heart is filled with wild joy,
I know Who wrote the song:
He gave it melody
And wove in harmony;
He sets its steady rhythm
And makes the whole world dance.

Long ago man broke the rhythm
And broke his Father's heart.
Then Jesus took the broken strains
And recreated Nature's song.

Sometimes the world's still out-of-tune
And Nature's lost the harmony;
But my Composer saved a better song
To sing another place,
Where melodies are never sad,
And the only song is love.

I long to be there, Father,
To share Your lovely home,
To reach beyond this tiredness,
To praise You at you throne.
Let your dance move through my soul;
Take the lead with graciousness
And guide me through each step;

Oh, Father, when this world is gone, I know the song will still go on. . .
And on. . .
And on. . .
---Marie Byars, 1986

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