Friday, January 18, 2008

Not "Done" with "Donne"

My mother, Melba, just died on January 12th. She went peacefully in her sleep & is asleep in Jesus. She is released from her dementia (which was actually caused by heart disease, not Alzheimer's). She quite likely had low grade mental issues for many years, from which she is also released. No more on-going physical degradations that came from mini-strokes & a silent heart attack & strained lungs. So I can only say with the poet John Donne, "Death be not proud, though some have called thee mighty and dreadful, for thou art not so. . .Death, thou, too shalt die!" (You can find the entire poem in earlier posts.) BTW, Melba liked purple.


Triona Trog said...

Marie, sorry to hear about the loss of your mother. Some of the people in one's life are irreplaceable. I'm thinking of you! Thanks for the note and take care :-)

violet said...

Marie, I'm so sorry to hear this. Deepest sympathy. Nice to hear that she died peacefully. Now you take care of yourself {{hugs}}.

David Weller said...

I know you still miss her, though she is in a better place, I'm sure...
I have a Christian nature poem I wrote, that I hope both of you would like:

God night

stars in the heavens
hallowed be thy game

brightness in darkness
endless flames

the heavens at night
shine in God's name

stars they even
put darkness to shame

God bless,