Friday, January 4, 2008

Vivaldi's Winter

Antonio Vivaldi prefaced each of the "Four Seasons" Concertos with a sonnet. Here's "Winter":

To shiver, frozen, amid icy snow
in the bitter blast of a horrible wind;
to run constantly stamping one's feet;
and to feel one's teeth chatter on account of the excessive cold;
to spend restful, happy days at the fireside
while the rain outside drenches a good 100;
to walk on the ice,
and with slow steps to move about cautiously
for fear of falling;
to go fast, to slip and fall down;
["falling to the ground"]
to go on the ice again and run fast
until the ice cracks and opens up;
["Sirocco Wind"]
to hear coming out of the iron gates
Sirocco, Boreas and all the winds at war:
that's winter, but of a kind to gladden one's heart.
---Antonio Vivaldi, 1725


Martin LaBar said...

Thank you for your comments.

If I understand you, you want to have a list of other blogs that you read on one or both of your blogs.

On the blogger page, go to dashboard, then settings, then template, and add an element. In my blog, I called it "Some of the feeds I subscribe to." I had to name them, and include the blog's URLs, but that did it.

Triona Trog said...

That's an awesome poem; I love the bareness of the language the realistic detail! (reminds me of walking to work)

Hi Marie,
Thanks for the website (it's actually I'll have a look around!

I found Trumpet Voluntary in the classical book I bought. I'm sure it's a rather simpler arrangement than your version, but after playing a few notes I recognized it from somewhere in my aural memory. Where are you performing it?


Anonymous said...

Wonderful poem--an amazing counterpart to his music. I like your up-to-date language, but can't help wondering are there also translations in 18th c English too?