Saturday, April 12, 2008

Just Say "No"

to Faux Environmentalism

Corn-based bio-fuel is not the right choice for lowering green-house gases: it actually makes the problem worse due to the agricultural energy expended to create this product. This practice also drives up food costs. The best choice in bio-fuel is algae based, although it will initially be more expensive to produce. Hybrid cars are not as earth-friendly as their makers promise, either. The making and disposing of those batteries creates toxic heavy metal areas. Better ideas? Why not make more progress on Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) autos? That burns fairly cleanly. And work harder to make hydrogen cars a reality. Solar and wind cars might be an interesting idea, too, but they might not work in all climates, and the storage means for that type of energy could prove to be toxic, also, if not developed properly.

BTW: Even if you don't believe that there is human-driven global warming, it is beyond dispute that our waste products are not good for us. (NO organism can live in its own waste!) Pollution from factories & cars creates or furthers asthma and can eat away at classic building facades and statues in big cities. The process for bleaching all those nice white paper napkins & coffee filters creates serious carcinogens (such as what devastated Times Beach years ago) & so on. I keep hoping & praying that simple things like brown paper goods will catch on & become cheaper & more mainstream at the grocery. (After all, they're avoiding a step that costs money.)


Jim Swindle said...

The essence of your post is excellent.

I've linked to it in a new post of my own.

Joyce said...

Nice post, Marie. I agree with you completely about the ethanol issue, and I especially like your analogy about creatures living in their own waste. I think that is something that can make sense to people on both sides of the climate-change debate. It's important for Christians to find a way to be salt and light in this dabate.