Thursday, April 3, 2008

Something's UN-Natural Here


[I prefer to write rhymed & rhythmic, or at least alliterative, poems. There wasn't time this time. Also, this is generally not an issue-oriented blog. But I had to make this exception.]

Something's afoul on England's pleasant soil:
The egg's a cow's; the nucleus a human's;
The purpose is subhuman.

Your false-creators say they're not cloning humans:
Your development is stopped at 14 days;
Your cells are still all of one type---
The type they want to take from you.

But you are human---you must be
With your 46 chromosomes
And your human DNA.
You are the smallest of my distant cousins.

I was outraged enough when such false-creators
Made "Day-Glo" monkeys with jellyfish genetics---
Just because they could.
They said it was "learning";
I said it was sadism because
"An upright person acknowledges

the life-force of his animal." (Proverbs 12:10a)
God gave us all these animals to care for, too,
At the beginning of time,
Before human evil entered
And separated them from us.

And, now, O Lord God Yahweh,
You who brought down human hubris
By instilling many languages at Babel:
Will you not now come and confuse this language
If we cannot use the genetic code more wisely?

You who told Job
That You had fixed the limits of the sea (Job 38:10),
Will You not stem this tide, also?
If You will not do it Yourself,
Will You not show us the right way to be the seawall
Before this sea of technology drowns the helpless?
Do we need to bear our crosses better?
Do we need to relearn the meaning of sacrifice?
What better thing must we do than shout slogans
Or retaliate with violence ourselves?
What great cost must we bear
To be truly seen and heard?

The false-creators claim they are
Preserving human life.
They say they can extend others' lives.
But, why?
The True Creator tells us
"There's a time to be born
And a time to die." (Ecclesiastes 3:2a)
And I reiterate, "For me to live is Christ;
For me to die is great gain." (Philippians 1:21)

But these false-creators have a different logic:
The survival of the fittest.
But if they follow their own logic,
Why should we continuously preserve existing life
If what comes after us is to be better?
Science claims logic
But scientists often lack it.

And, you, my dear little relatives---
When time ends and this world winds down
Will the Mighty and Gracious Yahweh
Clothe You in the Righteousness of Christ,
Although you never heard the Name of "Jesus"?
Will He fashion for you the fully formed body
Which you never enjoyed in this lifetime?
I do not know. I do not know.
His wisdom is sometimes inscrutable.
I can only hope. . .
I can only hope. . .

---Marie Byars, April 2008


Joyce said...

Wow, Marie, that is just riveting! It's a very unique way to wrestle with this issue. I really appreciate all the angles you exposed for everyone to think about.

C. Marie Byars said...

Thanks so much. I was hoping it wasn't too "maudlin" or "mawkish" to refer to these little embryoes as our distant cousins & dear little relatives. But maybe we need to bear the discomfort of hearing those things as part of bearing our crosses in this case.

CHARLAX said...



Jesus Facts

We study and we pray and we learn but what do we rally knoe. Most people scare away from and revile the devil and follow him more closely then GOD. And the end of time has now come we aer in the millennium the Mark of Satan 666 is coming soon to every town near ewe. The early Christians faced Death at the hands of every Roman Soldier when the decree is passed to become LAW the mark to be taken on the face or hand only DEVILS get to live the entry fee to high a price to pay this one decides to die. The first thing eye remember is being taught in Childhood in Sunday School about the JESUS. They watered down the GOSPEL of course they were not HOLY GHOST preachers at a revival and we were just children what eye rally always hated was the way they placed us into age groups the men no longer wanted anyone to sit with the other children even though the kool aid and cokkies was much better in those classes then the coffee and peanut batter they served us in the fellowship hall growing up was hard for this eye as eye want to stay a child forever in JESUS arms. We all sin and fall short of the glory of JESUS. Remember at all times just what the bible says GOD placed HIM above every namme to Rule over the Universe HE sits on the Right Hand of GOD becoming GOD himself. He died he lived alive for six long hours of agony to save mee and the ewe. Romans 4:21

He was fully convinced God could do what He promised upon the wooded cross the death instrument they fashioned. The Tomb was a gift from a Christian in the Government A person of some importance the entrance was guarded by soldiers intent on surviving the ANGEL of GOD mabe Gabriel rolled the stone and the Lord departed. Unable for Death to Hold him the Author of Life became alive and then some forty days later ascended into Heaven where he waits for the second coming. Like Lightening he has described it. The sky will scroll open and the Cross shall tear it open the sign of Jesus in the Heavens.

C. Marie Byars said...

Well, I know this: God is love. And love truly is the strongest force in the universe. That love shows up in Jesus, who died for our sins & rose from the dead so we could be with Him forever. And that's the most important thing to hang onto, come what may.

Joyce said...

Nice response, Marie.