Wednesday, April 1, 2015


For this Easter, I would like to recommend you peruse past Easter postings (it's not like they go out of date on this site!) by selecting the "Easter" link below or on the side bar.  You might also wish to review the "Lent" postings in these few days we have left before Easter.

I'll be back with a new posting shortly after Easter.

God bless your celebration of our dear Savior's Resurrection.



David C Brown said...

Let's celebrate it every day! Especially every Lord's day.

C. Marie Byars said...


Gary said...

Are Christian pastors honest with their congregations regarding the evidence for the Resurrection? Is there really a "mountain of evidence" for the Resurrection as our pastors claim or is the belief in the Resurrection based on nothing more than assumptions, second century hearsay, superstitions, and giant leaps of faith?

Check out this Lutheran pastor's defense of the Resurrection and a review by one of his former parishioners who lost his faith and is now an unbeliever primarily due to the lack of good evidence for the Resurrection:

C. Marie Byars said...
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C. Marie Byars said...

Paul Maier's books "First Christmas", "First Easter" and "First Christians" are now updated and bound together in one work named "In the Fullness of Time." I would encourage people to read this. (I still have it in three volumes.)

This, of course, provides only the "head knowledge." No one can argue another person into the faith. But if this is a sincere journey for answers, Maier's books are a GREAT place to start!