Thursday, December 15, 2016

Christmas Music Festival

Back performing at the Acker Music Festival in Northern Arizona, under the performing name "B.C.:  Before Copyrights."  Baroque music and ancient European folk carols.


Jim Swindle said...

Baroque and other old music can be great! On Christmas Eve, my wife and I usually go to a nearby Missouri Synod Lutheran church and enjoy the glorious music. (Our Baptist church prefers contemporary sounds, though sometimes with words from the 1700's or 1800's.) Happy Christmas! Thanks for sharing the joy of old music with others.

SocraticGadfly said...
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C. Marie Byars said...

Hi, Jim.

The old music is great. Nice stuff to share.

Our church, while LCMS, does one traditional and one where we do mostly hymns (and one comtemporary song) every week) to newer instruments.

I end up helping at both.

I like the doctrine of LCMS, but don't mind musical changes if the music isn't "junk words."

I like traditional music though, too. Obviously. The nice thing about the really old carols is that you can quietly witness... no "Frosty" nor "Rudolph" in the line-up. All Jesus, all the time!

(BTW, I intially posted under my brother's account... he was logged in from a couple months ago still on Chrome! So I had to delete & start over!)