Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Preach It, Brother!

This gentleman is a conservative Christian who believes in global warming & environmentalism.  I am a conservative Christian who also believes in climate change issues & environmentalism.  He, however, has remained a Republican and says his politics are otherwise conservative in the secular realm.  I have been an Independent Centrist for several years, now, over many issues. 

However, the overlap is great and makes for some good reading!

Why Climate Change Can’t be True (Even Though It Is)


David Brown said...

We certainly need to have respect for God's creation, and for the fact that it was entrusted to man. It is part of what we look forward to in "the world to come" when Christ reigns publicly.
In the meantime I'm prepared to leave the politics to the world, confident that the Man of God's choice will reign.

C. Marie Byars said...

I know we can't fix everything in this world. It will be forever broken by sin. And politics are no substitute for belief. But I believe we should do all we can while we are here.

C. Marie Byars said...
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C. Marie Byars said...

I got to thinking more about this. I don't know if you hear much about the Koch Brothers on your side of the "pond". They super-fund all kinds of political things here. And they want their businesses to be able to pollute and destroy the environment without them or their corporations facing any type of restrictions, fines or legal actions.
Ultimately, God's still in control. And He can shake things up when He's ready and willing. But He often allows things to happen, even evil things, and He chooses not to intervene at every turn. At least in my expression of Christianity, we don't look at everything as being "caused" by God; He allows some things. (cf. the parable of "the wheat and the weeds")
Of course, the Koch Bros. aren't getting any younger. One's turning 80. That doesn't seem to cause them to slow down, change actions or really care about the repercussions of what they do. But old age will catch up with them and they will each face their Maker. And if they haven't repented & die feeling "entitled", they are going to have to explain it all to Him--- a fearful proposition. (Though He is kind and gracious to those who repent.)

David Brown said...

I probably know more about US politics than is too edifying, and so I've heard of the Koch brothers. We have to see what God allows, which doesn't make men less responsible; but it will undoubtedly work out His will.
In Revelation it speaks of the leaves of the Tree of life being for the healing of the nations; so the Lord will no doubt heal this earth as well as those who trust in Him; but to be answerable for despoiling the earth is as solemn as you suggest.