Sunday, October 21, 2007


Besides the autumn poets sing,
A few prosaic* days
A little this side of snow
And that side of the haze.

A few incisive mornings**,
A few ascetic*** eyes,---
Gone Mr. Bryant's golden-rod****
And Mr. Thomson's sheaves. . .*****

Perhaps a squirrel may remain,
My sentiments to share.
Grant me, O Lord, a sunny mind,
Thy windy will to bear!******
---Emily Dickinson

*Prosaic: plain-language, ordinary, dull, lacking poetry
**The cold, frosty mornings tell you quite clearly winter's on the way
***Ascetic eyes---stoic, living without pleasures; people who are out aren't out to absorb the beauties which have faded
****Goldenrod: a yellow-flowering stalky plant related to daisies & etc.
*****The neighbor's bunches of grain are taken inside the barn now for protection & use
******Yes, God's will is to be gracious; but in this sin-tainted world, the nature He oversees has imperfections, such as cold, blustery winds; at some point we do better to accept that His will can sometimes seem unpleasant


wildflower* said...

it's been a while...
how are ya?
hope all's well.
i'm so glad the holidays are coming...
but it was HOT today!!
however, that usually means it'll cool down just in time for thanksgiving.
good thing, too.
anything special planned for the holidays?

C. Marie Byars said...

Got our moms coming over---one with dementia & one a stroke survivor. And Andrew's sister. And maybe the kids' back-up babysitter from church.

Then there's extra stuff with youth group as the Advent and Christmas seasons build!!!

busy, busy.

We're still pretty hot here, these days. Not like the "low desert", but still hot enough for the mountain west!!!