Wednesday, February 27, 2008


Though I'm not at all what I'd like to be,
I hope you'll understand. . .
My thoughts and deeds aren't "good as gold":
They're more like worthless sand.

So far as east is from the west,
So far my sin's removed.**
Embraced by Jesus's perfect grace,
I know I'm always loved.

My love for God is really true,
My faith in Him sincere. . .
Now I reach to others, too,
To show I really care.

So after a trying day of work,
When stress just runs away,
I hope you realize I know inside
It's still a lovely day!
---Marie Byars, 1986; Ft. Stewart, GA

*"Confessions" of both sin & faith
**Psalm 103:12


GREAT18 said...


SWEET work done here! Keep up the love for Jesus Christ!love it and the use of colour.

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C. Marie Byars said...

Thanks for stopping by! Hope you have a blessed day.

C. Marie Byars said...
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