Friday, November 2, 2012

[I bring an unaccustomed wine]

[published at this Thanksgiving time to remind us to share those things for which we are thankful]   
"The First Thanksgiving";  J.L.G. Ferris, early 20th century

I bring an unaccustomed wine
To lips long parching, next to mine,
And summon them to drink.
Crackling with fever, they essay;
I turn my brimming eyes away,
And come next hour to look.
The hands still hug the tardy glass;
The lips I would have cooled, alas!
Are so superfluous cold,
I would as soon attempt to warm
The bosoms where the frost has lain
Ages beneath the mould.*      
Some other thirsty there may be
To whom this would have pointed me
Had it remained to speak.
"The First Thanksgiving"; Jennie Augusta Brownscombe, 1914


And so I always bear the cup
If, haply, mine may be the drop
Some pilgrim thirst to slake,--
If, haply, any say to me,
"Unto the little, unto me," **
When I at last awake.
---Emily Dickinson

*She attempted to help someone who was in need & ill.  But the person still died.
**Matthew 25:35.  Jesus said that whenever one of the believers takes the trouble to feed and clothe someone who seems to be "least" among the believers, it is as if they have helped out Jesus Himself. And Jesus indicates that this will be recognized on the Last Day, when He returns.