Saturday, September 7, 2013

Share the Reign of God our Lord

Share the reign of God, our Lord,
Spoken, written, mighty Word:
Go ev'rywhere and people call
To His heav'nly banquet hall.


Tell how God the Father's will
Made the world, upholds it still,
How He gave His own dear Son:
Who over sin already won.


Tell of our Redeemer's grace,
Who, to save our human race
And to pay rebellion's price,
Gave Himself as sacrifice.


Tell of God the Spirit giv'n
Now to guide us on to heav'n,
Strong and holy, just and true,
Working both to will and do.


Enter, mighty Word, the field;
Rip'n the promise of its yield.
But the reapers are so few
For the work there is to do!

Lord of harvest, great and kind,
Rouse to action heart and mind;
Let the gath'ring nations all
See Your light and heed Your call.

Jonathan Friedrich Bahnmaier (1774-1841); composite translation