Sunday, January 5, 2014

Me and Baby Jesus

(A Houston Christmas)

A Way in a manger,
No hat for my head,
The little lord Jesus
At least had a bed.

The street lights above
Dim the stars in the sky....

Can He see me down here
As I close my eyes?   


"Hark" the corner carolers sing
And Army bellers with baskets ring.
Sirens sounding break the night,
Wholly, wholly, wholly fright.

Be near me lord Jesus
I beg you, I pray.
Don't ever leave me,
Or at least til it's day.

Bless me Father for I have sinned.
Come Lord Jesus, Be our Guest,
Quickly, Amen!

No crying He makes
Tho He took All our pain.
He's the Joy in my world,
A warm heart in cold rain.


Dogs bark, and babies wake,
Here I lay for Heaven's sake.
From Heaven He came,
To Heaven He'll take -
Me, and Baby Jesus.

--Carolyn Crandell Koch (c)2013

Author's commentary:   I was inspired to write this while at church I sat and sang, yet I thought about the men on the corner looking for work, or the homeless. I felt in contrast yet I also felt hope, as I know Jesus came down to save us from our lowest points of grief, pain, sin, and ultimately death.