Thursday, October 1, 2015

October in Phoenix

October in Phoenix:
No scarlet leaves in sight;
October in Phoenix,
Still sweltering at night.

October in Phoenix--
First day breaks a hundred--
We all see, crestfallen,
The records we dreaded.

I dream of northern mountains,
Flagstaff maples and aspens;
But I'm down here working,
No matter what happens.

If I were a Catholic
I'd call it "Purgatory";
Ah, since I'm a Lutheran
I lack that category.

Beyond urban confines
The desert grows scenic;
But it's a big city--
October in Phoenix.

---C. Marie Byars,  (c) 2015


Aspens in Flagstaff, AZ


David C Brown said...

Some beautiful colours here in Scotland - and in Belgium and Germany which we visited last weekend. I don't think I would enjoy an October without the autumn colours!

I liked the "purgatory" comment!

David C Brown said...

The last time I was in Germany - a long time ago - we visited Marburg Castle where Luther and Zwingli disputed. (I must admit to being on Zwingli's side, though appreciating Luther's truth and courage.)

C. Marie Byars said...

Thanks. October is my favorite month, but it's NOT the same without the fall colors, for sure. Since Lutheran things came up, this is also the month we celebrate the Reformation. October 31st!

David C Brown said...

It is certainly worth celebrating - God's own intervention.

C. Marie Byars said...

Thanks, David. We'll be having the big celebration at church next Sunday, as November 1st, we'll already be celebrating All Saints' Day at church. I'm up for our children's message: I'm going to dress in my old Army gear as a sergeant & "order" the kids around. Basically demonstrating what it would be like to live under the law all the time!

God bless your October & the rest of your Autumn over there!