Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Picture This

This month, I am posting sketches, rather than a poem.  This was from a era in my life when I first pushed myself to become an amateur naturalist.  (Before, I'd just sort of roamed, mostly in New Mexico where I was raised, without really knowing what I was looking at.)  This, along with star-gazing, is one hobby I've definitely kept alive.

This was also when I was most prolific in writing my own poetry, which dwindled after that, then practically dried up (except for writing a few songs to existing hymn meters and the poem I wrote last October... see the sidebar).

I observed many of these where I was attending college, in south central Kansas.  (NOT in a botany, biology or other science field, though.  Just my new hobby then.)  Others were sketched out of books, due to personal interest.  A few years later, when I was stationed in coastal Georgia with the Army, I saw others of these up close and personal!   Some years later, when I returned to the West, I saw yet a few more up close and personal.