Saturday, March 11, 2017

Flowers at Home

If this is how nature looks while it's "groaning"  (Romans 8; and we live in a desert, so we do see nature groan at its worst!), how much better will heaven be?

BACKYARD: Prickly pear cacti, African daisies, sunflower (another not blooming).
green bean plant (base of sunflower), pumpkin plant (foreground), marigolds (foreground)

OLD ROSE (bred for desert life):  Closer to "wild rose."
Related to fruit tree family (plum, apple, cherry, etc.)


David Brown said...

Lovely. The desert will blossom as the rose when Christ comes to reign, and how much more our heavenly place.
Just for interest, why do you live in the desert now?

C. Marie Byars said...

Hi. Thanks for asking. We live in the desert because of the combination that it's best for my asthma (wet climates & junipers set me off) and my husband's work. This is a big city, though... would like the desert better if not in such a big city, I think.

In retirement, we plan to go to Carson City, Nevada. It's still dry & relatively juniper free. (Junipers do grow across a lot of the sloped, mid-elevation areas of the American West.) But it's a smaller town, not as dry as here, and it gets snow, which we like. (Northern Arizona gets snow, too, so three hours away, entirely different climate! Elevation makes all the difference in the American Southwest.)

But it will all be unimaginably beautiful in heaven, that's for sure! And no asthma, either!