Saturday, August 16, 2008

Call of the Desert

Ah. . .
I can laugh,
And my echo laughs back with me.
I can run,
And only the wind runs with me.
I can leap,
And I can land gracefully.
I see beauty:
A beauty I always see.
I am alone,
For I came to be free.
The earth speaks,
And I hear, for it's a part of me.
Who am I
That God should open my eyes to see
The deep beauty
Of what imperfect earth can be?
The thorns poke,
But even they cannot stop me;
For I laugh,
And You, O, LORD, laugh back with me.
---C. Marie Byars, 1985; New Mexico


Mayyen said...

Hi Marie, what you wrote was marvellous. Thanks for stopping by my blogs. Take care..Best wishes. :)May

writtensouls said...

Hello, love your poem. Liked the flow and concept. Enjoyed that you included God in it, lives up to your blogs community name.
Art Comet Blog

C. Marie Byars said...

Thanks for stopping by, y'all. Been a little slow at responding.