Monday, April 6, 2015



Nature's singing me her song,
And around me is a dance:
      The sunlight on the water,
       The aspens' quaking leaves,
       The playful dragonflies,
        My own two happy feet.

My heart is filled with wild joy;
I know who wrote the song:
       He gave it melody
       And wove in harmony;
       He sets its steady rhythm
       And makes the whole world dance.

You hear the moments out-of-tune
When Nature's lost the harmony;
     But my Composer saved a better song
     To sing another place...
     Where melodies are never sad,
     And the only song is love.

    ----C. Marie Byars; Ft. Jackson, SC; May, 1986
          [written with memories of the southwestern U.S. in mind]

Wednesday, April 1, 2015


For this Easter, I would like to recommend you peruse past Easter postings (it's not like they go out of date on this site!) by selecting the "Easter" link below or on the side bar.  You might also wish to review the "Lent" postings in these few days we have left before Easter.

I'll be back with a new posting shortly after Easter.

God bless your celebration of our dear Savior's Resurrection.